This suite of programs (OCPMS) is designed to provide a Swim School Administration with the tools necessary to efficiently manage clients and staff involved in their swim programmes.

The suite is designed to interface with existing infrastructure used by the Swim School for bookings and class management. Class information exported from the existing booking system can be readily imported directly into the OCPMS software to populate the database for clients, staff and clients.

There are many different reporting options, based on client profiles (completed at the end of each 'term'), to help Swim School Administration track client performance to ensure that the clients are being provided the most appropriate instruction.

Reports are also available to assist the Swim School Administration determine the most appropriate professional development courses for swim teaching staff to improve client achievement of skills necessary to progress through the various swimming stages.

The suite provides timely information to instructors of timetables, classes, client medical condition information, client profiles, client past history (previous profiles) and teaching resources.

This suite of programs is provided as an online portal with the software and database hosted on the OCPMS server with daily database backup systems stored off-site. Access to the online system is via browsers using user-id and password control. The system incorporates multiple levels of security, which can be assigned by your nominated staff member acting as the Swim School OCPMS Administrator.