Each school term we spend two weeks checking, sorting, filling redistributing profile sheets. Each child in our program has a profile sheet that details their progress from their first lesson onwards.

During the first three weeks of each term these children can change classes to, so everyday during this time we need to check that each instructor has the correct profile sheets for their classes. This process takes eight weeks of sorting and filling each year plus twelve weeks of partial time checking each year.

The OCPMS team has developed a way to export from our systems to do this all on line and give each instructor instant access to all of their profile sheets.

As this is instant it means we do not have to spend weeks of checking, filling and sorting. Having this information online means we save 300 pieces of paper per a term! The process also eliminates the possibility of losing any of this valuable information (something we have struggled with up to now). This has released one staff member for eight weeks per year to assist in other ways.

Lee Duffy
Swim School Coordinator
Wanneroo Aquamotion