We have developed the Online Client Profile Management System to specifically cater to the needs of running a swim school. Our swim school program can be integrated with other systems and with other programs in the OCPMS range to deliver a full system embracing management, eLearning, phone apps and more.

We have a passion for technology and by using and embracing technology we can bring big gains in performance, staff training, time saving and ease of use.

Our goal is to cater for both swim schools and for teachers who have the passion for teaching and wanting to always improve. That is why we will be producing a range of teaching resources for training an entire swim school or just for a teacher.

Featured Product

Did you know we can do custom flash cards?

Do you call a skill or piece of equipment something different?
Do you do a skill in a different way or just can’t find the card you want?
All you need to do is email kim@ocpms.com.au.

Costs are $7 a flash card. A PDF copy of your flash card is sent which gives you the right to print as many copies as required for use within your Swim School (may not be distributed outside the Swim School one location only). The reason we can offer custom cards at such a low prices is that we add your custom flash card to our ever expanding list of flash cards for sale.