OCPMS is fast becoming a leading player in the areas of (ASI) access and inclusion and (CALD) culturally and linguistically diverse. Our goal is to cater for both swim schools and for teachers who have the passion for teaching and wanting to always improve. That is why we will be producing a range of teaching resources for training an entire swim school or just for a teacher.

We have a passion for technology and by using and embracing technology we can bring big gains in performance, staff training, time saving and ease of use. By embracing technology we can provided and customize hard to find resources like our Braille Slabs.

We have developed the Online Client Profile Management System to specifically cater to the needs of running a swim school. Our swim school program can be integrated with other systems and with other programs in the OCPMS range to deliver a full system embracing management, eLearning, phone apps and more.

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Featured Product

Bubble Blowers

We know that teaching young children and children with special needs to blow bubbles can be hard. That is why we have constructed a range of bubble toys designed for small hands, which are easy to hold and use. The toys have holes at each end so it looks like the animal is blowing the bubbles. The toys are made strong to cope with the rigour of young  children playing and learning.