About Us

OCPMS Company

For over a decade of being involved with swim schools in many positions, from teacher to coordinator, and using many different management systems from spreadsheets to commercial software, I have found that there was very little in the way of programs specialising in swim school at an affordable price. I found the software that I have used lacked the ability to track performance of teachers, clients, and the swim school as a whole.

From this background we have developed the Online Client Profile Management System to specifically cater to the needs of running a swim school. Our swim school program can be integrated with other systems and with other programs in the OCPMS range to deliver a full system embracing management, eLearning, phone apps and more.

We have a passion for technology and by using and embracing technology we can bring big gains in performance, staff training, time saving and ease of use.

I have found that technology is an enabling factor in modern swim teaching and running swim schools. The introduction of affordable technology into swim schools brings huge improvements for program quality, teacher satisfaction and client progress. With informative accumulated data, management is able introduce focused program improvements to cater to their clients needs.

I abhor the wasteful practices many swim schools use for recording performance, providing information to teachers, clients, tracking performance across a group of teachers, etc. OCPMS targets these low productive work practices and provides informative information at many different levels for efficient management of the swim school.

Our goal is to cater for both swim schools and for teacher who have the passion for teaching and wanting to always improve. That is why we will be producing a range of teaching resources for training an entire swim school or just for a teacher.


We have been involved with swim schools for over a decade. I have worked my way through all levels from swim teacher to reception, shift and deck boss up to coordinator.

We have a passion for expertly teaching people with disabilities. I have had done this by work with in swim school and to specialty centres.

Our other driving passion is technology and brings technology into swim schools. I know that the introduction of appropriate technology can have massive advantages in all areas of a swim school.