Special Needs Profile Season PDF




A profile for a special needs client with space to review each series over a whole season (10 classes).

First page has Name and space for a photo of your student and the date to the start of the series.

The details coved in the profile are

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Main contact
  • Mental medical condition
  • Mental limitations
  • Physical medical condition
  • Physical limitations
  • Communication

After each class there is a page to review the class under the following headings:

  • Date
  • What worked today
  • What did not work today
  • Overall comment

There is also space to write comments at the end of the series under the following headings:

  • Current swimming abilities
  • Goals for this term
  • Ongoing goals
  • What worked
  • What did not work
  • Overall comment

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