Visual Schedules


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A Free visual schedules swimming lessons

Why we use visual support?

Visual supports are a fantastic way of improving communication, attention and understanding during a task. They are appropriate to use with individuals of all ages and skill levels, helping to create a positive and rewarding environment. A range of visual supports are incorporated into school and home life to help enhance access to information, and improve quality of life. Children with special needs often struggle to transition between activities, especially when activities are unexpected, creating a high level of anxiety. These supports are effective in improving attention, independence and comprehension, and can be adjusted to support all skill levels.

Visual Schedules

Visual schedules are a visual representation of the tasks, breaking down an activity, reducing anxiety associated with transitions, whilst also increasing understanding of the activities. The creation of these specific visuals, adapted for swim education, now provides the opportunity for swim teachers to implement them in classes for children with ASD and other special needs. A major advantage of these visuals is the ability to prepare the child for non-preferred activities within the lesson. Not only can the child see what is required, but it also enables them access to communication and the ability to express their wants within their lesson.

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