Swim School Management System

This suite of programs (OCPMS) is designed to provide a Swim School Administration with the tools necessary to efficiently manage clients and staff involved in their swim programmes.

The suite is designed to interface with existing infrastructure used by the Swim School for bookings and class management. Class information exported from the existing booking system can be readily imported directly into the OCPMS software to populate the database for clients, staff and clients.

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Flash Cards

A major advantage of these visuals is the ability to prepare the child for non-preferred activities within the lesson, reducing anxiety associated with tasks. Not only can the child see what is required, but it also enables them access to communication and the ability to express their wants within their lesson.

The benefits of using these visual supports affect not only the child, but the teacher and parents, ensuring a positive and rewarding environment.

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Our eLearning software allows educators to create online courses, which students can access as a virtual classroom anywhere from any device. A typically set up would include a list of participants (including the teacher and students) and a calendar with a course schedule and list of assignments/tasks to complete. Other features include online quizzes, forums, where students can post comments and ask questions, glossaries of terms, and links to other Web resources. With the ability to include pictures, audio and video this eLearning software covers all areas and whys you might need.

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Pool Operations Administration Software

This suite of programs is provided as an online portal with the software and database hosted on the OCPMS server with daily database backup systems stored off-site. Access to the online system is via browsers using user-id and password control.

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Teacher Resources

Simple teaching aids covering topics such as Aqua code, types of swimmers, waves, rips and more.

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